When Foot Traffic Is Down, Your Average Sale MUST Go Up!


Teach Your Team How To Make The Most Of Every Single Customer Who Comes In the Door


Dear Store Owner,

Fact: The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced the numbers of people coming into your store to shop. Whether it’s because you have intentionally limited customers allowed in your store at any given time or because folks are just skittish about spending lots of time out in public, foot traffic is down. If you’re like many of our retail clients, this means a massive drop in sales.

But you’re not powerless in the face of fewer footfalls…

If foot traffic is down, you must take action NOW to combat the revenue loss by increasing your average sale.

Fortunately, there is one very fast and super easy way to bump up your average sale – ADDING ON!

If your staff isn’t adding on effectively with every single customer, you’re leaving lots, and I do mean lots, of money on the sales floor. Little piles of missed money, just accumulating from one customer after another… and you can’t afford to lose those sales right now. No one can.

Unfortunately, consistently adding on to every sale is one area where many salespeople lack basic skills and understanding. It’s usually not that the associate doesn’t care, they just don’t know how to add on correctly. They don’t know what to suggest. They are afraid of being pushy or rude.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce the…

Brand New: Add On Master Class

The Add On Master Class is the only program available that teaches you how to easily and efficiently get your team adding on with every single sale in less than an hour!

You’ll get…
A five-part video course that teaches YOU how to train your team exactly how to add on using our proprietary process. They’ll learn how to identify what add ons work with your merchandise and when they should be adding on during the sales process. And they’ll learn how important add ons are for customer satisfaction – so they’ll actually want to add on! But training alone isn’t enough, and so you’ll also get…

A laminated, dry erase poster that you can hang in your stockroom, break room, anywhere your team will see it, but your customers won’t. Using this “Awesome Add Ons” poster you and your staff will practice adding on, learn how to think about add ons, brainstorm add on ideas for bestsellers, and solve add on dilemmas for even the trickiest merchandise.

Just by using this poster every day, every week, your team will become add on masters and stay laser focused on completing every sale with an add on.

How Much Do Add Ons Matter?

Back when I first started out in retail I struggled mightily. No, it wasn’t a global pandemic, but still, times were tough. My store, the Mackinaw Kite Company, was one of only a handful of kite stores in the entire world (no one needs a kite!) and I opened it in a summer town with a super short selling season.

Every. Customer. Counted. Just like now.

Just by sheer enthusiasm and energy my brother and I managed to sell something to most of the people that came into my store and my average sale was a little over $20. Not quite enough to cover expenses and still buy beers at night at the Keyhole Bar…

Then one day I found this silly little toy, a whistling balloon helicopter, that retailed for $1.99. Because I loved the whistling balloon helicopters, I showed them to every customer and at least half of the people I showed it to bought one.

This means I increased my average sale by $1 or I increased my average sale by 5%. In other words, my total sales went up by 5% just by adding on one single (inexpensive) impulse item. And I could have beers with my burgers!

And there are so many other, more lucrative types of add ons that you’ll learn in the Add On Master Class! How much would it help if you could – almost immediately – increase your average sale by 5%, 15%, 20% or even more? Those kinds of results are not uncommon.

Put that money in your bank. Don’t leave it on the selling floor.

Give your customers everything they need and want the first time. Don’t frustrate them by forcing them to come back for something they should have purchased in the first place.

It Works – Guaranteed.

We’ve been teaching add ons the way you’ll learn in the Add On Master Class for years, so we know the system works. Tens of thousands of retail salespeople have learned how to effectively add on… and they didn’t even have the amazing tool we’re including with the laminated poster!

Whether you’ve been open for business the whole pandemic, or whether you’re still closed for the foreseeable future, now is the time to train your team to add on. It works in the store. It works on the phone. It works on a Facebook Live broadcast.

If your team is working less, this is perfect time for them to train. Get them ready to come back in tip-top selling shape. If your team is slammed in your store, it’s even more important to train them because they are working with your customers and probably leaving those little piles of money on the sales floor.

But if for some reason this Add On Master Class isn’t for you, no problem. It has an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your investment, just call us and we’ll give you all of your money back.

And speaking of money…

A Complete No-Brainer at Just $97!

We know everyone is hurting right now and we want to help. We know for a stone cold fact that effective adding on can replace some of the sales you’ve lost – easily, quickly, and without a ton of work on your part.

So we want you to have it for only $97! Yep. It’s a rock-bottom, absolute no-brainer price. You need it. We want you to have it. BOOM.

And I have zero doubt that you can make back your $97 investment in this Master Class in just the first day you use it, maybe even on the very first sale!

Have any questions or want to place your order by phone? Just give us a call at 800-842-1660 and talk to one of the WhizBang! Team working from home. They’re lonely and can’t wait to talk to you!

Ok, there you have it! Effective adding on makes the most of every scarce customer. The Add On Master Class helps you train and motivate your team to do it with a short, 5-lesson course and the laminated poster.

It’s easy! It works! It’s a no-brainer investment of just $97!

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a try – remember the 30-day guarantee – and you’ve got lots of money to gain.

To your success,

Bob Negen

P.S. We previewed the Add On Master Class to a few of our WhizBang! Certified Coaches and they said stuff like…

  • “This is GREAT!” ~ Candace D’Agnolo
  • “Adding on is a common struggle and having this inexpensive course is fantastic!” ~ Gilbert Russell
  • “This course definitely fills a big need at a great price.” ~ Cris Willis
  • “Love the laminated chart, as I love anything visual!” ~ Vicki Seebeck

You’ll love it too.

Have questions?

Just give us a call at WhizBang! Training between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Monday to Friday Eastern time and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

(800) 842-1660

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