FREE Virtual Workshop Series – Starts 2/20 @ Noon Eastern

Managing A Culture Of Honest & Helpful Selling

Each day next week we’ll take one (or two) of the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase and reveal exactly what you need to keep your team on track and 100% focused on helping every customer make the Perfect Purchase!

This workshop is not about how to sell, but about how you can manage, motivate, and inspire your sales team.

Join Bob and Susan Negen for ONE HOUR each day February 20th – 24th at Noon Eastern for this powerful workshop series and learn…

  • What it takes to break old selling habits (or non-selling habits!)
  • 9 coaching techniques to build confidence in your employees.
  • How to manage each of the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase.
  • How to stop sabotaging your own sales people.
  • Small steps you can take today to become a better manager.
  • How and when to reward your selling superstars.
  • The key statistics you should measure for each selling step.