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Selling Superstars!

Effortless Retail Sales Training
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Higher Sales… Happier Customers… With No Extra Work For You!

Sales training for your employees is THE KEY to significant sales increases and a better customer experience – and we are excited to announce that we’ve done all the work for you in the Retail Sales Academy! It’s an interactive, online program where your team will learn an exclusive sales process, the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase, in 30, bite-sized lessons. The lessons are fun, fast-paced, and positive – designed to not only teach, but also to engage your sales staff. They’ll finish the program excited about being a retail sales person and confident that they can do the job.

Make Customers Happy

Great selling is getting out on the floor and engaging with your customers in a real and authentic way. It’s not manipulation. It’s not trickery. It’s about the customer and helping them get the best result, the best way you know how.

Increase Store Sales

The Retail Sales Academy helps everyone on your staff be the best sales people they can be. That means higher average tickets, more transactions, and ultimately more money in your bank account.

Training Done For You

The Retail Sales Academy makes it easy for you to train your employees – instantly. Plus, you’ll be able to automatically track each employee’s progress through reports that arrive in your inbox or on your phone via text.

Great Training Is a Process, Not a Single Event!

The Retail Sales Academy will train your employees in three carefully crafted phases that ensure success.

Phase 1

Professional Certification

This phase is the foundation of the Retail Sales Academy. Your employees will learn the Six Steps to a Perfect Purchase selling system in 30 short, self-paced video lessons and their associated quizzes. After completing Phase 1, your employees will be certified retail sales professionals and can print out their personalized certificate of achievement.

Phase 2

Mastery and Application

This phase is a series of intensive follow-up video lessons delivered weekly via email. These lessons reinforce what they’ve previously learned and ask them to apply it to the real situations and real products in your store. When employees can apply the skills – whether it’s properly approaching the customer or adding on during the sale – you’ll know that the Phase 1 training has started to take hold.

Phase 3

Ongoing Professional Development

Study after study has shown that people forget 90% of what they learn unless they continuously revisit and review the information. This phase of the Retail Sales Academy automatically delivers that continuous sales training direct to your employees every other week. It’s designed to keep existing skills sharp and teach NEW advanced concepts. This ongoing training turns a good sales team into a team full of selling superstars!

Sample Course Videos

Your Selling
“Success Mindset”

At the very beginning of the Retail Sales Academy your staff will learn that great selling is great customer service – it’s not pushy, or rude, or deceitful. They will come away feeling incredibly positive about their role as a professional retail salesperson!

Suggesting Higher Priced Merchandise

When learning selling skills like suggesting higher priced merchandise your employees will get specific techniques, real life examples, and the clear understanding of how these techniques help your customers make “The Perfect Purchase.”

Setting the Stage for
On-going Training

After learning the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase your employees get information about the on-going nature of mastering the selling process. This sets the stage for you to give on-the-floor coaching and sets up your employees for long-term success.

Learn more about the Retail Sales Academy

Transform your staff into customer-focused selling superstars!

Retail Sales Training – Anytime. Anywhere.

The Retail Sales Academy is available on desktops, tablets, and phones.
Your staff can train in or out of your store …any time of day.

Tons Of Valuable Benefits!

  • Higher Average Tickets
  • Combats The “Forgetting Curve”
  • Creates a Customer-Focused Sales Culture
  • Available 24×7 – Anywhere
  • Promotes Great Customer Experiences
  • Keeps Sales High
  • Super Easy To Use & Manage
  • Promotes Peak Performance
  • Reduces Staff Turnover
  • Standardizes Sales Process
  • More Than Pays For Itself
  • Built-in Certification Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the training take?

There is about 3 hours of video content in the initial Retail Sales Academy course, but the total training time will vary by student. It depends on how quickly they complete the quizzes, if they have to retake quizzes to pass them, or if they decide to watch some of the lessons over again.

One of the great parts about the Retail Sales Academy is that the course is self-paced and completely accessible on any device with Internet connection. Each employee can go at the speed that’s right for them and train whenever it’s convenient.

But actually, the training never really stops. Your employees will get automatic follow up lessons delivered to their email for as long as they are part of the Retail Sales Academy. You never want them to stop training, stop learning and stop improving.

What about seasonal employees that I hire for a short time and then they go away?

Of course, you definitely want to give your seasonal staff sales training. You might as well get the most out of them during the time they are selling in your store!

It’s super easy to add an employee as a Retail Sales Academy user and it’s just as easy to make them “inactive” when they are done. PLUS, if that same person comes back again the next year all you have to do is make them “active” again and all their training records are still there.

I only have one store now, but I’m thinking about opening another one. Can I have two stores in the Retail Sales Academy?

Yes, you can! You should start with a single store package, but when you are ready, it’s easy to upgrade to a multi-store package. When you have more than one store location, you can let your store managers see and manage the employees in their store (and only their store!) You can run reports for your whole company and by store so you can keep tabs on what’s happening where.

Does every employee get their own login with the Retail Sales Academy?

Yes. Each employee will have their own personal login and password. This way they can do the training at their own speed and at the time that’s best for them. The individual accounts let you effortlessly keep track of who is doing what and how well they are learning!

Do I need any special computer software to run the Retail Sales Academy?

Nope, no special software to download or install. It’s all online and completely accessible with only an internet connection. You do, however, have to have a certain speed of Internet connection, up-to-date browsers and so forth. To check and see if the system you’re using is compatible with the Retail Sales Academy just click the link below. If you’ve got all green checks – you’re good to go. If there are problems, this page will tell you how to fix them.

Check my system.

Can I see which employees are doing their training and if they are passing the quizzes?

Absolutely! You get lots of different reports that allow you to see who is completing their training and how specific employees are doing on their quizzes. You can even set up reports to arrive automatically in your inbox (or to your phone if you prefer text messages) so you can easily check on them.

Do my employees have to be in my store to do the Retail Sales Academy training?

No, your employees can train anywhere, any time. One of the great parts about the Retail Sales Academy is that the course is self-paced and completely accessible on any device with Internet connection. Each employee can go at the speed that’s right for them and train whenever it’s convenient.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Retail Sales Academy and the Perfect Purchase© method will work for you – no matter what kind of store you have. But if for any reason you decide in the first 30 days that the Retail Sales Academy isn’t for you, just let us know and you’ll get a full, 100% refund. No questions asked. You take absolutely no risk by getting started with the Retail Sales Academy today!

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Praise For Bob Negen’s Sales Training

Retail experts Bob and Susan Negen have over 35 years of combined “on the floor” retail experience.

After owning his own retail stores for 19 years, Bob Negen formed WhizBang! Training in 1999 with his wife Susan, an accomplished retailer in her own right. They now share their hard-won knowledge so that other retail store owners can more quickly and easily turn their passion into profit. Bob personally understands the critical need for sales training and developed a customer-focused selling system to train his own team of employees. Since then he has trained “zillions” of retail sales people for thousands of store owners. Over the years he has improved, tweaked and fine-tuned his training into a market-leading proprietary system, the Retail Sales Academy. Every retailer now has an unparalleled opportunity to instantly give their staff powerful, high-impact sales training that will increase sales and ensure an amazing customer experience.

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Meet the Trainers

Bob Negen

Retail Expert, Author, Speaker

Bob Negen discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 23 and opened one of the world’s first kite stores…

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Susan Negen

Retail Management Consultant

Susan Negen has a knockout one-two punch of sophisticated “big business” skills and street-smart small business experience…

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