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If managing your team right now is making you tired and frustrated, you probably need a better training program. You have to teach them exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it – because if you don’t, they have no choice but to make up their OWN version of how to do the job. And their way is probably not your way... or the best way. Sign up for a free retail training demo today and discover how the Retail Sales Academy Plus can teach your employees, your way!

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An effective retail training program trains employees in three key areas:

  1. Policies, Procedures, and Processes: This is all the nitty-gritty operational stuff everyone needs to know to work in your company. It’s everything from how to ask for time off to how to look up inventory in the POS. Most employees get this information by osmosis, from just being on the floor with their teammates. That makes their training slow, inconsistent, and incomplete. If you don’t do this properly, you’re constantly putting out fires.
  2. Product Knowledge: A complete understanding of the features and benefits of the products you carry is a critical part of both delivering amazing customer service and maximizing sales. If you are the go-to person to ask about product info, you’re chained to the sales floor – or losing sales.
  3. Selling Skills: Since selling is the #1 job of every retail salesperson, you have to train them how to skillfully engage every customer and help them get to “The Perfect Purchase.” The big problem here is when store owners mistake product training for sales training. Product training is about WHAT you sell, sales training is HOW to sell it. If every employee isn’t as good at selling as your BEST employee, you’re losing money every time they help a customer. Ouch.

The Retail Sales Academy Plus combines best-in-class retail training for your retail employees PLUS the ability to create a CUSTOM training course for your own store.

Teach your employees our customer-focused selling system – the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase and just watch as your sales increase and your customer happiness skyrockets!

Your custom training course is so easy to create and could include new-hire onboarding, daily operations training, product training, manager training, or more... If you need to teach it, your custom course builder can handle it.

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WV Quilts

Michelle Hill, WV Quilts, Suffolk, VA

“As of January 2, I have instructed my staff to never say, “May I help you?” and to instead engage our customers in conversations and show products. We learned how to do this using the Retail Sales Academy. The difference… My average sales PER DAY is $309 MORE! Yes, that’s 33% more in January and this is just 19 days into the Retail Sales Academy.”

Michelle Annarino Review - Retail Sales Training with the Retail Sales Academy Plus

Michelle Annarino, Michelle’s Hybrid Fashion, Suffolk, VA

“We just started the Retail Sales Academy at my store. It’s really fun, and all my girls are learning. (me too!) — We’re just three weeks in, and I’m VERY pleased. I feel like we were all ‘good’ at Customer Service before, but now we are good AND confident! — Not to mention ALL THE SELLINGGGGG!”

Maryland Saddlery - Retail Sales Training with the Retail Sales Academy Plus

Hope Birsh, Maryland Saddlery, Butler, Maryland

“The Retail Sales Academy is really working… in the first month, I already see a solid 10% increase in my average sale. And the more my team practices, the higher that number will go!”

Town Peddlers Review of Retail Sales Training with the Retail Sales Academy Plus

Linda Powers Macchiarolo, Town Peddler Antique Mall, Livonia, MI

“I’ve had my store for 24 years and retail sales training with the Retail Sales Academy was a game-changer. Highly recommend it!”

Prospect Florist review of Retail Sales Training with the Retail Sales Academy Plus

Jeff Feldman, Prospect Florist, Peoria, IL

“Right now we are focusing on your retail sales training. For the first time ever my staff is actively selling add-ons. An almost 20% sales increase! A simple idea that WORKS. Thanks!”

A quilters review of Retail Sales Training with the Retail Sales Academy Plus

Cathy McKillip, Wish Upon A Quilt, Raleigh, NC

“The Retail Sales Academy really resonated with my staff – even the ones who’ve been with me a while. Now my customers are getting the amazing service that I want them to receive and after just one month, I saw a 15% increase in my average sale!”

Jerrols of Ellensburg, WA - Retail Sales Training with the RSA

Rolf Williams, Jerrol’s, Ellensburg, WA

“We jumped on your Retail Sales Academy right away. The results speak for themselves – a 10.6% increase in the average ticket. My investment in it this month is $197 – so far my return on investment is $7,099 for a $36 to $1 ROI and the month isn’t over yet! That is better than any marketing campaign I have ever implemented.”

Cloud Nine Pajamas Logo

Bob Zechel, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Edmonton, AL

“Our average sale has increased by 9% since our staff have completed the Retail Sales Academy. That means adding about $120,000 to our yearly sales… and our staff has only started using the techniques learned. We fully expect that they will get better at helping our customers, particularly with the ongoing homework as they will constantly be working to improve. One staff member even increased her average sales by 33%!”

Debra Purdy - Retail Sales Academy Plus Testimonial

Debra Purdy, Windsor, Ontario

“Thanks to my Red Hot Help Wanted Ad, I had over 100 applicants for the part-time sales positions I was looking to fill and found two incredible new team members. They LOVE the Retail Sales Academy and are carefully putting everything they’re learning into practice. They’ve only been on the sales floor for a total of nine days now and they are already matching my top salesperson in results! I’m so excited!”